Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mott the Hoople: All the Way From Memphis

This was one of those "love at first hearing" songs. I have vivid memories of hearing it in the car with my sibling, who cranked it up.

I couldn't get the words the first few times, but they're excellent. Long story short: rock star leaves his guitar behind, has to go and get it. It's one of those "life on the road" songs that bands love to record, despite the fact that only other bands really experience that.

I'm a sucker for:

- piano in rock songs;
- a good guitar hook;
- quotable lines;
- saxophone;
- long jammy song endings.

This song has it all.

I cringe a little at the ethnic slur in the song, but it's in the best part, when the protagonist of the song get scolded for mistreating his guitar.

"Well I got to Oriole, man, it took a month.
And there was my guitar, electric junk.
Some spade said, 'Rock and rollers, you're all the same.
Man that's your instrument!'
I felt so ashamed."

They later change it to dude, but the more generic term makes it just a little less easy to visualize. I sing along to this and point accusingly off into space while I sing the lines.

Good stuff, and a song I only recently tossed back into my car playlist . . . and it popped up unexpectedly as I'd forgotten I'd grabbed my Mott the Hoople along with some assorted T.Rex.

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