Monday, June 6, 2016

Maximum the Hormone - Koi no Mega Lover

My friend Ahn* in Japan introduced me to this band. He figured, I liked MMA (we were MMA training partners) and I liked Jackass (I kinda did, sort of), so I'd like this band. Also, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, who need a post of their own.

Maximum the Hormone (マキツマム ザ ホルモン)

He was right.

Sadly, the mix CD of tracks he burned for me got scratched to unreadability by the crappy CD player in my old Dodge, so that's that.

But I can still track down their song videos for you, like my favorite song of theirs:

Maximum the Hormone - Koi no Mega Lover

The band has everything. A death-metal voiced singer, a female drummer with a voice like a J-pop idoru, slamming guitar, you name it, they have it.

What I found odd was that my punk rocker students were totally nonplussed by this band. They didn't even like that I liked them, which is kind of funny. But didn't seem that out of place in Japan, either - there are rules, and I sat on both sides of the divide.

* It could have been a nickname - we had so many people with the same last name I knew them by their first names and nicknames. If you've deal with Japanese folks, you get how weird that is. I lived in a Sato-heavy prefecture. He could have been one of the half-dozen guys named Satto who all showed up at class.

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