Friday, April 22, 2016

I Like the Cover Better: Little Red Corvette

I was thinking about posting this earlier in the week, while listening to this song and then some Warren Zevon covers from "Enjoy Every Sandwich." I didn't. Today I am, as a memorial to Prince.

I wasn't a big fan of Prince's music, although it was inescapable when I was growing up. I liked 1999, Little Red Corvette, and a few others. I didn't really seek him out to listen, but I liked what I heard on the radio. I deeply respected his name change to deal with a contract issue, too.

But like I said, I like Little Red Corvette.

I love the cover by Hindu Love Gods better, though.

I can't link either, both are not available online because all of Prince's work is locked down to a couple of services. But I can talk about the cover.

Hindu Love Gods is, basically, REM headed up by Warren Zevon. REM really isn't for me, three songs aside. But I love Warren Zevon and miss him every time I hear one of his songs. It's worth finding their cover of Prince's song and giving it a listen. To me, it's better, just in that it's stripped of the R&B drum machine snap of the 80s and played as a straight-up rock song. Plus it's Warren. Can't go far wrong with Warren.

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