Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dirt Bike Annie

Back in '04 and '05, I went to a lot of shows. Part of the reason was that I was introduced to a few really excellent bands - specifically, True Love, The Kowalskis, and Dirt Bike Annie. The other reasons was that I secretly was planning to move to Japan, and I wasn't sure I'd be coming back. So I had to see shows because the clock was ticking.

I saw Dirt Bike Annie a number of times - maybe five? Six? Every show I could make, from one at Uncle Joe's in Jersey City (my first) to a few places in NYC, I went to. Sadly they broke up, first losing one member and then the whole band came apart shortly after a second member left. I saw their next-to-last show in NYC, playing with The Ergs and MC Chris.

My friend A.V. had seen them open for True Love and told me about them, and I went to their website and saw this video (or at least, the grainier original), and I was hooked:

Just the day before yesterday I was reloading my USB key of songs for my commute and piled all of my DBA on it. Then I took a look - maybe the first time in 8-10 months? - to see if there was anything new up about them. Turns out they're back to together. Way to fail me, internet. Subscriptions on YouTube, news alerts, etc. and somehow I still missed one of my favorite bands getting back together . . . well, I'll keep track of them now, and I just bought the split reunion album they made with The Unlovables.

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