Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Naive - Tanks-Punks

I have to thank my friend for this. Way back in high school, we heard about this Russian punk band called "Naive" - with an upside-down A and two dots over the i like the o in Motorhead. He plunked down some money to buy it direct from Maximum Rock N Roll.

This is the standout track on an album full of good stuff:


Thanks to studying Russian for a bit, learning way too much Nadsat (I too slooshy Sex Pistols real horrorshow), and the lyrics sheet, I could follow along to this.

I hear Naive (it's Наив in cyrillic) have a bunch of other albums that I haven't heard yet - that from here/ And there are (very good) live versions of Танки-Панки on Youtube. The rest of the album is worth it.

Good stuff.

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