Monday, February 2, 2015

Misfits - Where Eagles Dare

Reason #1 to love the Internet: Everything is out there somewhere.

Back when I was in High School, I got a ride . . . somewhere . . . with a friend of a friend. On the trip, he was blasting some hardcore the whole trip. All I could remember from the whole soundtrack to the trip was "I ain't no goddamn son-of-a-bitch." Decades later, that popped back into my head and I searched for it on Google.

Misfits, "Where Eagles Dare." Makes sense. He was a big Misfits fan, now that I think back. Also, the parking brake was how he stopped the van.

Good song, good stuff, and the Internet is pretty amazing if only for that one reason. It's all out there, somewhere, and even a single line from a half-heard hardcore song is enough to hear the whole thing over again.

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