Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sex Pistols: Live at the Longhorn Ballroom, 1978

This is why Youtube is awesome.

Back in the mid-90s a senior co-worker of mine passed a bootleg tape of the Sex Pistols live, in Texas, during their short and infamous (and final) US tour.

It wasn't a great copy, and my 2nd generation copy of it wasn't even that good. But I played that tape nearly to death. I can tell you about it note for note, line for line.

Fast-forward to years later, and the official Youtube Sex Pistols channel comes along, and puts the show up:

The Sex Pistols Live - The Longhorn, Dallas, TX (USA) - 10.01.1978

That's January 10th, for us in the US.

It's not the best Sex Pistols show ever. It's not even that great (although the version of No Fun rocks.) But for years it was the only complete show I had (instead of pieces of live shows, like Original Pistols Live). It was a real treat to finally see the show I'd heard so often.

I love the internet. It's only too bad there doesn't seem to be complete video of either Huddersfield Christmas benefit show.

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