Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Like the Cover Better: Substitute

This one is for Ed, who mentioned The Ramones cover of Substitute from "Acid Eaters" the other day.

I like The Who song "Substitute." Great lyrics, catchy guitar hooks.

But nothing compares to this studio performance of it by Sex Pistols. As far as I can tell, this is all of them live in the studio, much like their performance of The Modern Lovers song "Road Runner."

What I like is how apologetic the original song is - it's really a shrug and sorry, I'm not the real thing or I'm not what you were hoping for, and you aren't either. But the Sex Pistols version is extremely aggressive and in your face angry. It's, basically, too bad, this is what you get. It's got that aggressive guitar sawing of Steve Jones, too, off of simple and sharp Paul Cook drumming. All that "Sex Pistols couldn't play their instruments" stuff is utter marketing broadsheet crap, and if this performance doesn't show you that nothing will.

There is also this mix, which is pretty interesting in an of itself.
Sex Pistols: Substitute Monitor Mix

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