Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rest in Peace Malcom Young

If you haven't heard, we lost Malcom Young of AC/DC today.

Here is my hands-down favorite AC/DC song, by way of tribute:

Warning: Lip Syncing.

AC/DC is a band where you just hear that power chord, that lead guitar magic of Angus Young. People say it's just simple, one-riff one-idea music.

They're wrong.

AC/DC songs are just as complex as they need to be. No more, no less. They don't waste any chords and they don't over-play their hand. If listen closely, you can hear all of the pieces coming togther oh so well. Listen to Let Their Be Rock live in 1978. It's not a simple song - it's just no more complicated than it needs to. Malcom's steady rhythm guitar is part of the underlying base on which it all lays.

I saw this little eulogy on Instagram from one of my favorite musicians:

Rest in peace, Malcom. Thanks for all of the music.

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  1. writer Marlon James said it best.
    "Like sharks, they stopped evolving. Like sharks, they no longer needed to evolve."