Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Warren Zevon's birthday

Warren Zevon would have been 70 today. I'm sorry he didn't get there. I'm pretty much sad he didn't get there every time I hear one of his songs - he was unique even in a field full of personalities.

Happy Birthday Warren. I hear your shit is fucked up, though.

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  1. Saw him once back in grad school. His Boston show had been sort of hijacked by Don Henley into a benefit for Walden Woods, so the first half of the show was Zevon and the second was Henley. Zevon was great.

    I'll have to dig up that documentary made towards the end of his life and find the bit where he says "I should give my oncologist my last two albums and say maybe this'll explain that 'uncanny acceptance of death' thing you've been talking about."