Monday, December 14, 2015

The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End) - Live 2011

It's the 12 songs of Christmas. Let's get this ball rolling.

The original video is also awesome. I love the Hawkins brothers playing the double-necked guitar together. Having seen the guitar stunts they do live, I believe they'd manage it at a show, too, if they tried.

True story - when I was in Japan, I had very few Christmas songs on .mp3. Living in the US, who needed them? They run non-stop for months. I had to do a class with two junior high special ed kids, M~ (a girl) and M~ (a boy), and I was called on to run Christmas songs the whole time in the background. Amongst Linus & Lucy, Run Run Rudolph, some South Park Christmas songs, the Kinks Father Christmas, and others, I had this song from The Darkness. I just remember the look my English-fluent co-teacher gave me when it came on. I kind of shrugged and said, well, it's a Christmas song.

And it's a good one. Silly but sweet.

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