Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Like the Cover Better: Ain't That A Shame

As always, the rule for these posts is that I love the original, but I like a cover version even more.

Out of all the Fats Domino songs, I think the strongest and best of them is Ain't That A Shame. It's got that Fats Domino swing, a nice beat-drop, beat-drop rhythm, and great lyrics ("My tears fell like rain" - been there.)

But the Cheap Trick "Live at Budokan" version of it? I like that version better.

It's everything I like about the Fats Domino song and it is a perfect showcase of everything about Cheap Trick. Great bass line, fantastic guitar, inspired and passionate vocals, and oh those Bun E. Carlos drums.

It's the first encore song at Budokan, and the intro is just classic Cheap Trick. This could be the intro to half a dozen other Cheap Trick songs, but instead it suddenly and seamlessly veers into Ain't That A Shame. The latter half of the song shows the virtuosity of the band, and their willingness to put on a show for the fans. My favorite version. On the full set, it goes right next into Clock Strikes Ten . . . too bad that video doesn't.

Those screaming Japanese girls give me goosebumps.

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