Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bjork, MoMA, and Pagan Poetry

I've been a very big fan of Bjork, as I said before, ever since I saw her on 120 Minutes and saw "It's Oh So Quiet."

Lots of people have been telling me about the show about her at MoMA.

I'm planning to go, although it sounds like it's very poorly executed - this review is typical:

'Björk' at MoMA Is a Beautiful, Ill-Conceived Disaster

Short version: The show doesn't really do her justice.

Which is too bad, because she's a singular artist. Unique in the sense of having no one to really compare her to.

Here is one of my favorite songs of hers, from Verspertine - the song "Pagan Poetry." Kind of a sad counterpoint given that her current album is about breaking up with the person who inspired this song. But the song is powerful, all the more so for the ephemeral nature of love.

The song is SFW, but the video features a topless (and very pierced) Björk, which probably is NSFW but seems to fly on YouTube.

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